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♥Sunday, October 21, 2012

i am not angel..n i am not princess..i'm just a big big girl in the big big world...i always love you..i always need you in mylife..but why you always put me out from your heart.if you say..that you truly love me..why should i be your  last  girl..and not 1st in your heart..if you want i understand u..i can do that.but you always make me cry.. i am bored with your word....i am bored with all this..i need your love.but if you think i am just try take your money..u wroung..every second.every minute waiting your massage.. but i got nothing....sometimes i waiting u .until u finish all your assigment..but after u finish it..you got sleepy..but i don't care with all that.cause for me that is matter..but when your turn..i am sleepy.and i can't get answer your call..you get angry and everything..hurmm.....is not fair..hurmm..i don't know what is my feeling wright now..i want sew your name in my heart but i can't..and i try sew your name on my finger..but i don't know why i can't..its not hurt..but its was hurt..n pain in my heart....maybe i am too emo and that why i write all this..i don't share this secret with my friend...cause i think that is my fault..and if one day get married with him..i will give him chance for married with another girl.. like the book that he read a few days ago...

Out Of Bounds:D
11:18 AM