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♥Sunday, June 10, 2012

starting tonight...12 o'clock..finish school holiday..so aerun ,,or me dh starting life mcm biase..life yg akan menentukan mse dpan aku sendiri.ehem and yaww i want today will be gud than yesterday..and tommorrow will be better than today..hurmm..okay .okay so hari ni..i know ramai student still not finish do their own homework.same like me..ahazkss.sme2 lah ktia ramai2 standing kat luar kelas okay..cool..heheh.hurm and hari ni..i just clear my bedroom yg bersepah.and tdi superlearning classes..and yaw..everything aku dh clear kan..hurm and tdi terase mcm nk sgt pakai mini purse untuk school punyer so tdi i just buy new purse..white purse.tdi pun tinggal satu..yaw mmg i'm lucky girl...i wish my lucky will not finish until today..owh yaa..i forgot..hurmm start today i will stop wishing without afford..i know that i must make a gud afford to get a gud thing,s know i am understand..so tommorow i will be gud than today..i promise iwill finish my homework and i will not delay all my homework again..hurmm about my boyfie..i know we love each other..so i will try to be a gud girlfie for him...okay fullstop..and here is me .with my NIKON..and say gudnite to me..and please pray for me..that i can be success on mylife....smile..one

Out Of Bounds:D
8:01 AM