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♥Thursday, March 15, 2012

ni time my hero pakaikan jam:)
iloveyou muchuk

then my turn ...:P:P
mcm dh kawen jerk..but i still waiting the wedding day

owh no i'm too fat
ahazkss iloveyou syg..dh byk kali dh minx dukung dgn dyerkk yaww tanx panda muchuk
ahazkksss buat mke wek:P:P

nih time still not ready nk buat love tu..
n then akhirnye jadi mcm ni..always with you syg
wish it

i nk bina big happy family
see us
n i hug him...-dpan mama tu-

my shreaky face wEk:P
this pic kamil yg amek
aghh buruk burukk but still nk upload

smily girl
i want give you this syg...heheheheh just kidding okay
he make me cry!!
see my syg ilove3 you
owhh damn u comey sgt tau x..
he say his love just only for me

my darkplayboy

tanx to my mama for being photografer
maybe next time i will upload the moment me with Kamil

Out Of Bounds:D
10:33 AM