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♥Saturday, February 18, 2012

wish for you my bff
miss you dh besar dh maken tua..
hahahahkk.jus kidding well ketinggian kteorg dh lain..
and she is my bff sampai mati see how preety duty she.
preety fullstop..
Happy birthday to babe yg dh besar
semoga semakin matang

see we hang out together and abby
open table..
layan snooker...so
layan snooker..see my face when play snooker..
yaw and then we hang out together
kteorg jln2 naek kerete Mokhsin..yaw...
so best larh kan..
over night plak
kteorg gi jln2 gi Bukit Layang-Layang..
so layan glowstick kat situ
mmg funky larh..
to my friend
dear stop crying and see the rainbow after raining like what
we see.okay...babbee
k then smlm daddy bgi rm100 so ..fullstop fight now..
k then mlm waiting CMB from Kamil..hushh ..
urmm nope..rindu awk larh syg..
tpi pgi2 awk col pun dh cukup bermakne utk kte fhm syg awk sgt2.k.
xmo buat baby nangis k

Out Of Bounds:D
12:38 AM