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♥Wednesday, February 8, 2012

okay hari nih aku stay at home alone lgi...by the way..mama i..bgi kluar.law nk jmpe kawan or topap..so i just out for isi credit fon..sbb nk call dgn Kamil only..n then...urmm yaw....Kamil suruh smpan duit.okay save the budget,,,hahhahakk pape pun mysyg dh jdi peguam utk daddy i..if aerun nk kluarkan duit..kne minx izin my hubby..so...adush aku dh belajar jdi bini org plak ea.hehhehe..its okay..yg penting aku and Kamil heppy..opyerkk i just want put this pic..i iget it from article Fb..so just want to share with you all...

the word from here i can see something...yg important
and then opyerkk...yaww..

i really look like arrogant x?
i think nope..just because i hate to be friendly...okay
1st think..i just cool and ..series i'm ego..and about the important thing...
saye budak manje yang mengade2..
ahazkss.i will be like that when i at home..
and then..my face look matured..and my senior say that
i look like a gangster girl...yaww...i'm not..
i'm  simple..and that is true okay..
i'm easy to smile..but  from smile beribu maksud okay
and i just want you to know..
my style...
aku xcari point dgn org..so jgn cari point dgn aku..
ko sound aku..aku lex...ti tngok mood larh.law aku sound..
tuh baek2 sikit..k..and aku mmg xske kwn dgn pompuan ..sbb pompuan ni
ssah nk caye..so aku mmg xbpe layan sgt larh..k sorry..
nomore talk...law dgn dax2 yg aku xske.. k..
kaye miskin sederhana smua aku kwn k..

Out Of Bounds:D
7:25 AM