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‚ô•Friday, December 9, 2011

i must tell my blogger story..the true

okay...i don't know what wroung wit my mum..she always..shut up when i tell my story..but when his adopt bro share with her a prob..she will story with my family..i hate that..
oke i am her daughter...so she must beside with me oke..i don't want be a back teen..but  i try to be better..but why she can't see that...

maybe i  am sux,,,

like today..she brought my cousin to the badminton club...she want introduce mycousin to her friend..okay..but why when i say i want to follow her..she always say No...i  know who am i..ia m fat and i have no preety face....event  if she don't say the true i can know that with the word today..i here that she say that her friend told her my cousin is preety.and my mum said..same like her aunty...so that is the answer..why my mum don't want to brought me...i think maybe she shy with her friends my attitude..oke..its fine..
when i back from Cs..i waiting my mum for take me..then when my mum stop in front of me..i see my cousin sit behind my mu..yaw....with her..style..just only going to the badminton club..why must make up like we go to the mall?...hurmm...last time..when  i am younger..i try all make up..and my mum said she shy when brought me follow her...cause i am make cover to over..okay..i know that..that is my fault...and then when be simple..my mum said...where is your good shirt?yaw....i still thinking..i just only want to go near at home..so why i must make up ove..and then...my bro always..say that my cousin is true..owh yaw....and today i want share  astory with my mum in the car when my mum drive,,but i saw she try to stop what we talk..and she talk  about my cousin..give me a place mum......
i know you shy with your friends when you brought me..okay..i am not preety like you....but event that i am your daughter..sorry mum is  i am chance...that because of you..that can't here  what i am said.....

Out Of Bounds:D
10:44 AM