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♥Saturday, August 20, 2011

Image Detail
wht the meaning of BESTFRIENDS
can you all explain to me??
if you cannot expalin to me..
its mean you don't have good best friends
let's me explain
bestfriend meants
someone that always beside you and always with you
when you sick
when you smile
when you sad
when you angry
when you have prob
when you emo
when you need someone to understand you
when you ______
that the meaning of BESTFRIENDS

who is my friends that i lub
-she is my bestiebuddy since in SATM and now we are not study in same school-
but until today we still contact each other
cause we are friend
i lub she as my sister
+she also mybesfriend.we know each other since in SMKPG3 school+
and now i studied in SMKPG
she always help me when i need help.
and we always help each other..
i don't want lose mybestfriend like her..
she is litle cute girl that easy for me bully..
but we still best friend
Now in school 24 hours with her and it make me bored..
joke only
she always need me to help her..
i also need her help for finish myhomework and everything
we always together
and i love her as my friend
`he is my crzy bestfriend
we have watch and ring that make ours simbol bestfriends together
he like my brother that always help me...
we know each other since in SMKPG
if you all want to know
he is arrogant boy
but he still my bestfriend
she is my bestfriend penk
i friendly with her since last year
she is cool and shut girl
she have same hobbies with me
we always do something crazy
now we nope in same school
she separate to SMKPG2
its oke..the important thing
in memory bff..
she is my besfriend since we studied
at SKPG1
in year2
we friendly until 2008
and after that she separate to SABAH
and until now we not meet each other
just chit chat on fb only
and we not like old time ago
but its oke..
i am teenagers
i still have many friends that always beside me..

Out Of Bounds:D
2:01 AM