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♥Saturday, August 27, 2011

after break up i want to do all this


Things You'll Need

  • Faith
  • Patience
  • Determination
    • 1

      Journalize your feelings. Expressing your emotions through writing, though hard at first, is very therapeutic. When emotional waves of hurt, anger, resentment, regret, and similar feelings overwhelm you due to the loss you experienced, take some time to write them down. You can use an ordinary pen and notebook or use an online journal to do the purpose. Writing down what you feel, regardless of what and how it is, unburdens your mind and heart.
    • 2

      Spend more "me" time to re-examine your life. Not everyone is willing to do this since self-reflection will open up a lot of truths about yourself-- some of them you are running away for a long time. However, in order to find your strength after breaking up with someone, you need to reassess what areas in your life you need to fix or improve so your next experience in love will be more pleasant and much rewarding.
    • 3

      Decide to "really" get over with the person no matter how much you love him/her. Although sometimes a part of you is silently wishing that you will still keep the person, taking a firm decision to let go of him/her no matter what it takes and how long, will give you strength to move on and find your happiness again.
    • 4

      Connect with people who love and support you. Some people get depressed after a break up. This is normal but it can be avoided. Depression will not only hurt you more, it could also hurt other people close to you. Do not refuse the loving support of your friends and family. Having them to back you up will make the whole experience bearable.
    • 5

      Take advantage of the healing powers of prayer. A lot of people find their strength again during their darkest hours by praying. Sometimes, it proves to be the only way to freedom from any hurtful episodes in their life.
    • 6

      Look forward to better days ahead of you. A break up is only an end to one chapter of your life, not an end to your entire existence. Learn the lessons from your break up and use them as guideposts on your next journey to a more satisfying love experience with someone who is meant for you.

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