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♥Sunday, July 3, 2011

simple arrogant!

i want story about my title....okies 1stly....if you all want to know..yesterday is sportday..1 MALAYSIA...
then i must came to my school...but i am not well.cause,i get dizzy in the morning...i know i must get strong..that good..when i tired..i must always diligence,for get what i want!!and when at there,i always saw mrF..he so cute,sweet,smart,handsome....but,,,my friend say,that i am not diserve for get him...cause thay say i am beauty..for me,i am not beauty,,but maybe my friend just say like that,for not make me disappointed,with that man..cause i know i would not get him....i just can steal look at him from,far.....its oke...and when in the evening.my parents say,we would went to village...just for mummy try past new highway.....at KOTA TINGGI!!..when i village..i just help my daddy,clean my grandpa house..The house,very dirty..i know why its dirty..cause,my grandpa would tired,when he get clean his house...its oke...cheer it up dude....on 5.00 o'clock..i back..and in the travel...my daddy want brought my mummy at some where..i with my brother were very noisy in the car...just for happy..He brought us to BUJANG FIREFLY...that place,was very preety..i am so glad and happily..when night came,,my mother brought me to PB,for watching,her lil bro,in the one competition...and today.we go to MALACA..tiredly!!

Out Of Bounds:D
8:26 AM