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♥Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Suitable 4 Shut uPP!!

okies for today....i don't know why i want shut up...
now i  understand..
what is the word name oF -Friendship-
i don't know why??
but now i just want be shut up and arrogant..can i do like that??
maybe on mobile only iwill talk to much..
now i want
change something that make me be teenagers!
*i want be arrogant
*i want try be shut up
*when i have problem,i don't want try to thinking thaT
i want try to forgot about that with reading
yes,,that is me...i want be like that..
about mrs R..
she always sturborn,when i try to help her,
she always thinking about her BoYFIE..
SO now i make a decision for not take part
of her problem...
and when she story with me about her problem..i just want shut up
cause she must know..
sometimes,she must wake up from her dream.
i don't know why i now i be like this...
maybe now i am teenagers and i don't want make mylife suck
that is not me..
i am mature now..and i always must be mature....!!
from me...

Out Of Bounds:D
7:37 AM