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‚ô•Friday, June 17, 2011


wht happen with today??okies this mornink i am so sad..cause i angry with my father,causehe don't want send to school..so i must go by school transport...before go for waiting my transport take me..my father say'did i have many??'i say no..so he give me rm5...i take it and go after that...cause,i must wear shoes...i wait my transport on 6.30 a.m. .but my drivers van take me on 6.40 a.m.....from my house for go to my school.SMKPG take 10 minit only..but..i arrive at my school on 7.15 a.m....WHY??cause my driver send student from other school...owhh so bored..Today radio Erafm story about father's day..and they open AYAH &Ibu song..its from arwah sudirman,,i am truly love all his song...while my eyes  see the blue sky..my eyes,,full with teardrop....i am so sad and cry..cause i remember about,wht happen this morning....7.15 a.m...i arrive at my school..then i walk slow..i take my handkerchief  for get clean my face from look cry...but iam not hard,...i walk while cry..and many students from4 boy look at me..i just walk alone go to my place...then airina and ejah my bestfriends ask me why i am sad then i story about that....

at my CLASS.
airina always felling and badmood..today is her birthday..so yesterday,after i back from tuisyen,i drive my motorcycle back home and take a bear...for airina...then i go to her house..she was so happy when get the bear....i buy it for she not sad...and always hard,,for life..oke back for my story..today she always want Shahrul and miss him..and i am very angry with ryna cause she always emo at school and felling..i don't want she on a dream..cause when she dream,it will make she not how to get an advanture from true life...she is my bestfriends,,,,and i always with her,i don't want it happen...and About shahrul,,,i am so angry with him,cause why he don't want wish airina birthday,,,,so angry..i don't now.why he so stupid....hhe make airina cry,,if he have a prob.why don't he talk and discuss with ryna.airina always can with him...OWH NO!!Arina always emo and shahrul with all this..i am tired for help them..on 5.00p.m o'clock i get a call from airina,she cry and say,, today not her best birthday on this year..arghhhh.and she want i come to her house,,i fell so tired,,,and father,don't want i go there...cause i must i use traffic light...airina not care if i excident or not....i always try to make she happy..but she always..eMo..so i am very angry..hey....tIrEd......please understand me,,,i need a space for get Happy to..i know ,,why she not happy.,,cause she always...lovely very loyal..i always say..if she always loyal..she become be sux,,,and be suxemo...
oke i am tired...CAN I SLEEP NOW!!

Out Of Bounds:D
1:08 PM