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♥Thursday, June 30, 2011


hey,baby blog..i am fall in love with someone..
i don't know why??
maybe,cause i 'm bored with mylife...


okies.about him..
i am very like him..
1st time i see him,
i can felt,that he can make me happy..
my brother,will angry with me..
i think my life in jail!!
cause why??
i will get my true life back..
i believe that one day,i will free from all this..
okies,back from mystory,
about him..
okies,i cannot write his full name..
but,i can call him mR f..
arghhh..he so grets+cool+smart
owh no..why my heart fall like this..
every time,when i meet him,
my heartbeet..
about ameer hakeem..i think,i want kick him out from my heart...
:P hehheheheh
just kidding..
today,i back from school on 3.00 o'clock
when  waiting my mummy take me and ryna ..
we sit at school bus stop...
then after that,
someone that like me,also sit at there..
she is a girl..
soRry but i will not fall in love with girl...
i am veryvery sory..
i am not BAY!!
oke...that is my story today..

word for today is

Out Of Bounds:D
8:21 AM

♥Wednesday, June 29, 2011


hey my luvly,loyal reader...
today, i am very happy...
i don't know why??
sometimes i need happy right??
okies..i want tell you all about,a boy that like..
he is chinese boy..
i very like him...
but,i don't know how to friendly with him..
but,i just smile to him..
he also do like what that i do...
okies..today, i back late
cause,i want study with Justyn...
he is good + clever boy..
he teach me,english,geografi and math..
now i understand how,to do math??
urmm...at tution centre..
i study math..and then,
i send amyrul back...
NOw..i am write my blogger...
oPPss.. about BOYFRIEND,,i love it...
it so cute...
i will take care of it..

Out Of Bounds:D
7:53 AM

♥Tuesday, June 28, 2011

 that's word meants you are winner!!
okies,for today story on mylife...
today morning,,i am very tired...so i take POWER ROOTS cafe!!
urmmm yummy...i like it damn much..
and..on breakfast time.. ijust take, a slice of cake, and a cup of tea..
when,i arrive at school today.. i was vomit...
on 8.30 a.m,,,  i part parade. for flag....
i am so tired.. sorry i can't wrote,many story for mylife today..
but the important thing..that you all must know..
i am very lucky,cause get friends like,airina and ejah...
they are my best friends....i don't know ...why today, i am not talk to much with bela..
maybe cause...she always, forgot us when she meet another friends...
i  just want she aware.....okies..night..i brought adibah,for get fresh air,with my EGO!!
(hehehehe,that not my ego, i just loyal with my NINJA)..i will buy you lubly..

Out Of Bounds:D
7:56 AM

♥Monday, June 27, 2011

i Need it!!

for my follower reader..i just want ask you all..are you angry when,you play vote money,and when your turn,,,your group members vote money,crumpled her money,and throw it to you??
oke,from my question...
my answer i am very angry!!hey fucker!!i don't need your money!!
if you just want do like that,i suggest for give your money to someone that need it...
i am not a beggar...if you are to much rich!! i suggest for you change to swasta school....
at there more people,that suitable for you....many people also rich!!but not like you....damn i hate you stalker!!fucker...

Out Of Bounds:D
8:13 AM

♥Sunday, June 26, 2011


i am so happy!!why??
cause i have a gret mom...
she always beside me...
 i know,that i will not get a good grandma...
but i still can get my big happy Family.....
Do you know??
today night,i am very hungry.
so mymom worry about me,
so she cook me,nudget fried crab.
look..how much,that she love me..
so i don't need a love from other person,
that not truly love me...
am i right??

Out Of Bounds:D
8:35 AM


NOw i don't want get pity with my enemy!!

Out Of Bounds:D
4:18 AM

.....MiRACLE DAY!!

when i on 9 years old..i always wish..that one day..i will get a miracle day..but until now..i st i will didn't get it..so now,i don't want hope again..that i will get miracle day...cause,i don't believe it...
cause its just a kid dream.
i am not kid.now i am teenagers..
okies,about my brother..
he always ask me,for do something that i don't like...

and todAY.
he ask me for play badminton with him..
and  i just say 'oke'
when i play with him,i just wear earphone with mp3..
after that he,angry with me...
then we fight!!
until now,we not talk...

Out Of Bounds:D
4:16 AM

♥Saturday, June 25, 2011

i hate my grandma

i don't know,why??
maybe she more love my cousin...
but its oke,,,i still have OPAH...
1st time see her..
she look like a great person..
she is very sporting...
and i want she be my adopt grandma..
she can understand.
what i want...
that i want...
who that can understand me...

Out Of Bounds:D
9:29 PM

hey Mkey..i lub you......
Now,i really love him....
i don't know why...

Out Of Bounds:D
8:38 AM


hey all my follower reader??today i wake up on 4.35p.m....
but myparents,not angry with me,,cause them know that i am so tired..
:) smile ....
on evening i  learn how to drive mymummy car..that so cool..but i still cannot drive goodly...
i wish,that i can drive....
finish...and tonight..i want go to kipmart..but a new casing mobile..
lastly,,i still love ameerhakeem..wish that he only will be mine...love him...

Out Of Bounds:D
4:51 AM

♥Friday, June 24, 2011


hey my follower reader!
i want you all know,that i don't want be emo again..
when i always emo...
mY life will be so sux!!
i don't want it happen...
i don't want
what that i study before i am 5 years until 17 years..
is nothing..
i don't want it happen..
i don't want it happen

Out Of Bounds:D
2:34 PM


DId i tell you all..that i want try to be arrogant???
                      yeSS right...!!!
okies i just want straight to the story...
when i shut up and arrogant...my friend,will think that i have prob...
and i just reading book..
i think reading better thank talking talk...
okies...now i can make a new life...
i want live my old life..
i want get 8A1...i want separate to the new school..
i wish i can school at jeybee..
i hope it damn much...

i am very crazy with korean now...
now i learn how to speaking in korean...
i want try it.
its very cool...
they are so cute...i like them damn much...
do you want to see them picture??

they are so cute right,,,,

Out Of Bounds:D
12:20 PM

♥Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Suitable 4 Shut uPP!!

okies for today....i don't know why i want shut up...
now i  understand..
what is the word name oF -Friendship-
i don't know why??
but now i just want be shut up and arrogant..can i do like that??
maybe on mobile only iwill talk to much..
now i want
change something that make me be teenagers!
*i want be arrogant
*i want try be shut up
*when i have problem,i don't want try to thinking thaT
i want try to forgot about that with reading
yes,,that is me...i want be like that..
about mrs R..
she always sturborn,when i try to help her,
she always thinking about her BoYFIE..
SO now i make a decision for not take part
of her problem...
and when she story with me about her problem..i just want shut up
cause she must know..
sometimes,she must wake up from her dream.
i don't know why i now i be like this...
maybe now i am teenagers and i don't want make mylife suck
that is not me..
i am mature now..and i always must be mature....!!
from me...

Out Of Bounds:D
7:37 AM

♥Monday, June 20, 2011

my school!!


Out Of Bounds:D
3:12 PM


Ameer Hakeem....he is my yayankk...ilovehim back...why..before this we always fight.....
but now he back with me...hey!!i still lub you mkey mouse...
urmm..about ______..i think i must stop like him...
i am so tension with all this...
my brother does not know all about my prob..he always make me tension and fell dizzy..
owh no...
he always..make me want angry with him..
i don't know why??
but i just shut up..
cause i don't want fight..
sometimes,i think i am very lucky get a bro like him..
but sometimes..he make look sux!!
oke for today...nothing special...
a new news...i want try GOTHIC STYLE..
always black-dark-white....
 don't know..why now i like that colour....
and now i really want you all know..

Out Of Bounds:D
7:54 AM

♥Friday, June 17, 2011


wht happen with today??okies this mornink i am so sad..cause i angry with my father,causehe don't want send to school..so i must go by school transport...before go for waiting my transport take me..my father say'did i have many??'i say no..so he give me rm5...i take it and go after that...cause,i must wear shoes...i wait my transport on 6.30 a.m. .but my drivers van take me on 6.40 a.m.....from my house for go to my school.SMKPG take 10 minit only..but..i arrive at my school on 7.15 a.m....WHY??cause my driver send student from other school...owhh so bored..Today radio Erafm story about father's day..and they open AYAH &Ibu song..its from arwah sudirman,,i am truly love all his song...while my eyes  see the blue sky..my eyes,,full with teardrop....i am so sad and cry..cause i remember about,wht happen this morning....7.15 a.m...i arrive at my school..then i walk slow..i take my handkerchief  for get clean my face from look cry...but iam not hard,...i walk while cry..and many students from4 boy look at me..i just walk alone go to my place...then airina and ejah my bestfriends ask me why i am sad then i story about that....

at my CLASS.
airina always felling and badmood..today is her birthday..so yesterday,after i back from tuisyen,i drive my motorcycle back home and take a bear...for airina...then i go to her house..she was so happy when get the bear....i buy it for she not sad...and always hard,,for life..oke back for my story..today she always want Shahrul and miss him..and i am very angry with ryna cause she always emo at school and felling..i don't want she on a dream..cause when she dream,it will make she not how to get an advanture from true life...she is my bestfriends,,,,and i always with her,i don't want it happen...and About shahrul,,,i am so angry with him,cause why he don't want wish airina birthday,,,,so angry..i don't now.why he so stupid....hhe make airina cry,,if he have a prob.why don't he talk and discuss with ryna.airina always can with him...OWH NO!!Arina always emo and shahrul with all this..i am tired for help them..on 5.00p.m o'clock i get a call from airina,she cry and say,, today not her best birthday on this year..arghhhh.and she want i come to her house,,i fell so tired,,,and father,don't want i go there...cause i must i use traffic light...airina not care if i excident or not....i always try to make she happy..but she always..eMo..so i am very angry..hey....tIrEd......please understand me,,,i need a space for get Happy to..i know ,,why she not happy.,,cause she always...lovely very loyal..i always say..if she always loyal..she become be sux,,,and be suxemo...
oke i am tired...CAN I SLEEP NOW!!

Out Of Bounds:D
1:08 PM

♥Monday, June 13, 2011

Chords used:
    Dm   F    Bbm    C    A    C5   C5* F5  D5  Bb5  E5

Intro: Dm - Bb - F - C (x2)

Dm     Bb                F        C
Do you know what's worth fighting for,
Dm        Bb        F      C
When it's not worth dying for?
Dm      Bb        F      C
Does it take your breath away
Bb                         C
And you feel yourself suffocating?
Dm       Bb         F       C
Does the pain weigh out the pride?
Dm        Bb       F        C
And you look for a place to hide?
Dm      Bb             F      C
Did someone break your heart inside?
Bb                        C5
You're in ruins

F5   C5D5
One, 21 guns
C5            Bb5
Lay down your arms
F5          C5
Give up the fight
F5   C5D5
One, 21 guns
C5            Bb5  F5       C5
Throw up your arms into the sky,
Bb5   F5    C5
You and I

Dm          Bb     F          C
When you're at the end of the road
Dm      Bb       F        C
And you lost all sense of control
Dm        Bb           F           C
And your thoughts have taken their toll
Bb                                       C
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul
Dm   Bb             F      C
Your faith walks on broken glass
Dm      Bb       F       C
And the hangover doesn't pass
Dm        Bb   F        C
Nothing's ever built to last
Bb                 C5
You're in ruins.

F5   C5D5
One, 21 guns
C5            Bb5
Lay down your arms
F5          C5
Give up the fight
F5   C5D5
One, 21 guns
C5            Bb5  F5       C5
Throw up your arms into the sky,
Bb5   F5    C5
You and I

Dm      Bb     F            C
Did you try to live on your own
Dm       Bb               F        A
When you burned down the house and home?
Dm      Bb         F           A
Did you stand too close to the fire?
Bbm                          C
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone

F5 - C5* - D5 - C5 - Bb5 - F5 - C5 (x2)

Bb5 - F5 - E5

Dm - Bb - F - C (x2)

Dm        Bb       F           C
When it's time to live and let die
Dm      Bb        F       C
And you can't get another try
Dm         Bb         F         C
Something inside this heart has died
Bb                 C5
You're in ruins.

F5   C5D5
One, 21 guns
C5            Bb5
Lay down your arms
F5          C5
Give up the fight
F5   C5D5
One, 21 guns
C5            Bb5  F5       C5
Throw up your arms into the sky
F5   C5D5
One, 21 guns
C5            Bb5
Lay down your arms
F5          C5
Give up the fight
F5   C5D5
One, 21 guns
C5            Bb5  F5       C5
Throw up your arms into the sky,
Bb5   F5    C5
You and I

Out Of Bounds:D
12:09 AM

♥Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stay at SCHOOL..
yESTERDAY,night i fight with my brother...he so damn sux!!
i hate him...
he always make me in trouble,and sellFish ..
and for not meet him today,i take a time for stay at school with airina...
and maybe i will back on 5.30 o'clock..
cause.i don't want study with him..
why he does not understand.sometime,i have something to do..
like han out with my friends or sleep..
but he always ,,angry with me.if don'tfollow what that he want..
I don't want he open my blogspot..cause he don't want give a private place.. in mylife..

Out Of Bounds:D
11:59 PM

♥Saturday, June 11, 2011

urmmm..yesterday,i back to my village..then what happen??guest it...!!you all know...i see my grandma face very sour like lemon..i don't iknow why.??but after a few minutes at there..i think i want back...i don't know what wroung with my grandma...if my parents not back,,she will say that ,we not remember her,but when we back,,she always get angry,,and she always aBout my cousin..IHATE IT.and now i call my aunt,,EVILWITCH!!...
BUt i still a picture....and you all will suprise when see my head...my member say like this"Apa macam kau tibai rambut !!"heheheh,actually i really love my hair...before this my style like this..then,after that i wear HIjab/.//

at my vilage haterr!!

i bought it today,,this is special for airina najieha,,she is me bestfriends

Out Of Bounds:D
8:44 AM

♥Thursday, June 9, 2011

Back to the village
                      oke for my followers fans club..i want say with you,today i must back to my village...but i am so tired,and i get dizzy cause,one day not get sleep...last night i learn spanish..and in the morning i do my homework,,but still not finish.tommorow i will go to Muar....opsss i forgot..i want tell you all...that this year,on 03 nov 2011..is 2 decade for my parents married..so they will celebrate anniversary...then they make a plan for celebrate it with my birthday..cause my birthday on 04 nov....i am so glad and happy..i can invite my all friends for coming....:)...but for today...:(so sadcause. i want stay at home......hurmmmm....
urmmmmm about my promis for not couple..i think,i must cancel it,,cause now i get back Raimie,and Ammar..but i just indulgent with ED..he s true name is Syahir..i am not loyal person wright??hurm,,,dizzy so much..

Out Of Bounds:D
9:07 PM

next week i will finish my school holiday..but until now i still not finish yet my homework..why ,,cause i do it today....before this i just playing and get fun...now i be like this

Out Of Bounds:D
6:47 PM

 owh NO tommorrow,i must back to my village,cause my grandpa now in sick...i am not hate my vilage damn much..i just hate when my grandma always truly and more love mycousin then me and mybrother...i don't know what potion that my cousin give to my grandma until..she not remember who i am..huhhh..so hate..i will make my cousin in sux...if they try fight with me...they will get a big mistake..i will make their life in HELL!!
I f you all want to know...so many people hate my cousin..until they must separate from village to town..but not town verymuch...and now...at her school area...many people from her brother school HATE her DAMN much..cause her atitude and style like EVIL.she suitable for friendly with EVIL

Out Of Bounds:D
2:49 PM

i am really love watching korean Movie,,until i really want go there...then i think i must know how to talk korean language,,so i make a decision for learn alone korea in internet..then i hope and wish i can speak korea purely...

Out Of Bounds:D
2:28 PM

♥Tuesday, June 7, 2011

                                                     i want to be arrogant girl,cause i know
when i be arrogant girl my level will high,and i will not look same with all girls.i really want to be like this people in this photo.but i am not boy.so my style  a little bit of a boy.but i still purelygirl.-aeRun-

Out Of Bounds:D
4:36 PM

you all know what is this??
i am truly love it and i want it.
don't you know the price is expensive for me..
but for my daddy it cheeps..
i want it,but i don't want say it with my daddy cause i want buy it from my money...
i Hope i can get and buy it...
-wish me luck-!!:)

this is lee hong ki..i am also his fans!!he is very cute..and love make laugh and not series but focus..i am truly want to be like him...very cool and smart..

Out Of Bounds:D
3:43 PM

♥Monday, June 6, 2011


oke...dimulakan cerite begini..al-kisah,maka  tersebutlah kisah sang kancil dtg beramai-ramai menghadap Sultan Firaun...
-mane firaun pakai Sultan
okeoke..aku series.
nih kisah pasal abg aku...adoy bukan nk kutuk..
memang aku x fhm arr
asallah dyerk asyik menyusahkan aku..dyerk x tau ker
kadang2 aku saket or penat...
tau x ..dh arr tuh ske memakse aku...
Klu aku xnk malas or penat
dyerk pakse jgak,..
mcm ari2..mak cik aku nk belanje mkn KFC..
aku bru bgn tdow time uh..
dh arr pening mcm nk pengsaN.
tpi dyerk pakse jgak..
aku terus sambung blk tdow..mke dyerk dh mcm sour lemon
pastuh,,,lpas dyerk dh pergi..aku nih tngah lonlai..
bgn jgak..pergi jgak KFC tuh...memakse kan
MCM ape larh...sengal tol..aku nih malas nk gaduh sbb klu gaduh dgn dyerk nnt dyer tuh cpat
jerk pukul aku..pas2 nk ugut2...aku still pikir dyerk tuh
so aku x larh panggil brother2 aku belasah dyerk..
dh ar budget lbih..klu dgn aku ley arr dyerk pukul..
tpi  biler ade org gaduh ngan dyerk minx tlg aku jgak sial x Sial??
aku penat arr dgn smua nih..
Tau x,,,aku nk kapel pon cme boley dgn ameer Hakeem..
huhh...control sgt aku....
dSBBKan aku nih nakal..
so aku nk LIFE aku sendiri tanpe kne control dgn abg aku
tngok mcm abg2 kwn2 aku..xde unn cm uhh..adoyy..asal arr sengal sgt..dgn dyerk nih
pas2 ajar aku math..
aku xkecah dyerk nk ajar aku..sbb aku unn xfhmm..
tpi aku nih selalu kne marah dgn dyerk,,,
kadang2 aku malas nk ckp dgn dyerk..leceh tau x..
pastuh suruh aku belikan mcm2 pastuh nk marah aku...
aku unn x fhm.
suruh aku bwat videolgu,aku buat lpas tuh nk mke dyerk jerk oke.aku xoke...
menyampah larh..!!

Out Of Bounds:D
1:28 PM

♥Sunday, June 5, 2011

Out Of Bounds:D
6:10 PM

When i small,i always want a bestfriends
if i get one person that can be mybestfriends it enough for me.
i have many bestfriends
who is them?


Out Of Bounds:D
5:56 PM


i am sux...
i am unperfect
i am fat
i am unpreety
i am ugly
but i still have one thing
i have a Diamond
but i keep it in a mirror box
so now i be a girl

Out Of Bounds:D
4:17 PM

Now my heart is Broken...
and i don't want it anymore...i don't want fall in love again.
after this..
i will be emo
so don't disturb me...
it my promis..
i just will fall in love
with someone that truly love me..

Out Of Bounds:D
7:30 AM


DAmN sgt..1st about my mummy ade adek angkat...aku nih nk dikatekan jeles...larh ...FHM x..cause aku nih ank last komfirm aku yg kne dimanjekan..and aku xnk dax uhh rampas kemewahan and smua yg aku ade..paling penting kasih syg...if dax uhh buat keluarge aku broken..memang siap arr....aku memang xagak nk buat hidup dyerk menyesal!!aku geram giler..dh larh mcg mummy aku pagi....ingat mummy aku nih ape ha???kau dh ar menyombong...menyampah sey aku tngok..tau ark,....and bab tasya nih.....aku miss dyerk tau x..rindu dyerk sgt2....urmmm..cian aku..dh arr aku gi CS sorang2 pasuhh jln sorang,,,and tngok wayang sorang2/....sediy aku tau..aku tngok...ramai org kat ci2 couple...jln berkepit..urmm jeles aku.....urmmmm bukan rezeki aku.......

Out Of Bounds:D
12:55 AM

♥Saturday, June 4, 2011

life love....

LOVE..I AM VERY SUX WITH THIS...now i know..i am not fall in love with someone....truly...
WHY it happen...cause i am not loyal.....with myboyfie...urmm...sorry.....and yes  i am player heart....sorry i don't want  and don't want do like this again...now i with Raimie..i promis...if i break up with...i will be arrogant...and alone....until i will meet someone that can make my heart full with lovely........i  still love you sayank...

Out Of Bounds:D
12:28 PM

♥Friday, June 3, 2011

miss mrs tasya....

hey tasya..tauu x i miss you...borink arr ko xde....klu x aku boley chit chat more about school and everything...urmmmmmborink....biler nk balik ha!!pastikan ko blk bwk ole2 utk aku..syg kau kwn

Out Of Bounds:D
7:20 AM

♥Wednesday, June 1, 2011

say's ..aerunstyle..urmm simple.....

Out Of Bounds:D
10:22 PM

all friends...
oke..kawan!!sbnarnyer...dlu aku xramai kwn..aku cme ade kwn baik..nme dyerk mimie jerk...then aku hilang dyerk since 2009..time uh aku ade belajar something..kwn tu xpenting...sbb aku akan hilang kwn gak akhirnye,,,mse aku darjah satu dulu aku selalu kne buli..kne kutuk..and mcm2 lgi laarhh..mama aku ajar aku jdi baik.,,,so aku jdi larh baik.....urmmm tpi since aku dh masuk tingkatan 1..aku dh belajar byk perkara....kwn boley diabaikan and..aku mula xhargai kwn..aku mule berontakkan hidup aku...aku mule kwn dgn dax2 teruk,,,,aku kwn dgn mcm2 jenis budak..kirenye dri situ aku dpt tahu mcm2 budaya,,,,larh...tpi aku xtau pun aku dh kecewakan family aku......lgi unn time uhh abg aku sekolah lain..sekolah asrama..so dyerk xtau ape yg aku buat...aku ponteng kelas or wat mcm2 dyerk xtau.,..and dri situ aku knal abrizah.,.aku mula kwn dgn dyerk..abrizah nih baik dyerk memang nakal cm aku,,,tpi kteorg x amek drug,xsmoke...and paling penting no sex....kteorg just ske knekanorg jerk...and mcm2 larh....adoyy...then pertengahan thn tuh..mama aku tngok aku dh lain sikit...dyerk ingat aku amek rokok..padehal nope unn..and aku kne byk kali sesi kaunseling dgn cikgu..urmmm,,,,then mama aku nk aku pindah sekolah tempat sekolah lme abg aku...tpi aku xnk...seboleh2..aku benci utk pindah..sbb aku dh seronok dgn life cm uh....and masuk 2010 aku masuk sekolah yg paling aku benci and xske....iaitu SMKPG....bru masuk skolah jerk..aku dh budget sombong..tol...aku memang kekalkan kesombongan aku tuh......tpi aku try arr baik2 dgn org..and aku masuk kelas 2 michelia...dlm kelas uhh aku knal azrul,airina,shahrul....and aku ingat...aku akan jdi mcm dlu..main lupa kwn..rupenyer x,,,,sampai skrg sku still ingat dorang..cause dorang lah kwn aku..sbnarnyer kwn memang penting.....and lupe plak..aku ade lgi tau kwn baik..natasya,,dyerk arr.bestfrenz aku...dyerk nih baik gak..so..aku hargai smua kwn2 aku...and aku skrg xkne buli..cause aku ley panggil dax2 aku,..terutama..abrizah...i still miss her...hey smua kwn..aku syg korang larhh...>33..and aku sygkan SMKPG...

and nih larh aku skrg.....

Out Of Bounds:D
1:52 PM