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♥Sunday, March 20, 2011

hey all..
sorry for not write a new blog about mylife..
i am so busyyy
so for today i want story about my bedroom...
for all my friends always know..
that my bedroom is sux
and dirty..
its look like guys bedroom...
so...today i wake up on 11.35 a.m
and i plan
to clear my bedroom..
so i don't want take a bath first
cause i know,,
i will sweat again...
i take  hour for clear my bedroom..
i know today i am not well
i am fever..
but i still clear it..
i will get flu.,..
then after finish it.....
i fell so tired and hungry ...
so i just walk down.//
and take time
for eat..yaww...
menu for today is
curry chicken///
so delicious.....
and for my bestie buddies...
cause i can't join you hang out today..
sorry damn much...
NeW News
my best frenz from Sabah add me
her name is MImie..
i miss you babeeee....

Out Of Bounds:D
2:38 AM